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Mobile Application

The world has gone mobile! Each day, over 650,000 Android phones is being activated, plus all the new networks coming on board with the Apple iPhones. Combined, that is one million smart phones being turned on daily. More and more people now use their smart phones to search for things on-the-go rather than sitting in front of computers at home or in the office. As a meeting planner have you thought of having a mobile app for your events? Organizing an event is one of the most stressful jobs as it requires a lot of coordination from the organizers and to finally execute an event. There are different reasons for each organization to conduct these events and are of vital importance in the decision making process. These events cannot be missed. Thanks to technology, the scenario has changed. Organizing meetings no longer require sleepless nights. Mobile event application has made the work of organizers easier. Event mobile apps have become a necessity for your events as your attendees are demanding it. The millions of smaller enterprise meetings are just starting to face the pressure to deliver the benefits of mobile that attendees now expect.
Make your events paperless and share content about your event on your attendee's palm. Event mobile apps will take your events to the next level. We can help you to save a lot of printing cost by designing event specific mobile apps. Make the most of your events by sharing all the relevant information on mobile apps. Mobile apps will play a very important role in engaging your attendees at the time of event. Give your attendees the best experience they need for your event.

Benefits of event mobile apps:

- Increase exposure for your sponsors and exhibitors.
- Save a ton of money on hard copies brochure and printing materials.
Reduce or completely eliminate printed material.
- Gather feedback from your attendees at the time and after your event.
- Engage your attendees at the time of event by leveraging live polling, social media, one on messages etc.
- Help you gather critical insights and track where people are spending their time at your event, and how to improve future events.
- Maintain your branding.