Term And Conditions

Terms of Use

These Terms of use are integrated by reference in the Contract Agreement executed by the customer and JEDS consultants, pursuant to which JEDS consultants will offer its services of designing the specific event of the client on appropriate software.
These terms of use govern the provision of consultation and event designing services on appropriate software by JEDS consultants.
Before the start of services JEDS Consultants will submit the Project Proposal and Cost Documents which shall define services to be given and the charges payable. These Terms of Use shall apply to these documents dependent on their acceptance in the first place.
By accepting these Terms of Use, or by using JEDS consultants services, it is deemed that the client formally and explicitly agrees to these Terms of Use.
It shall be the responsibility of JEDS Consultants to deliver the project within stipulated time period. However, time will not be the focus in evaluating the performance of any services.


These Terms of Use are effective from the date of mutual execution of the order form by JEDS consultants and the customer.
JEDS consultants, however reserves the right to terminate the Agreement upon written notice, in case the customer severely violates this agreement or becomes insolvent, declares bankruptcy or ceases to do any activities.


JEDS Consultants will provide the designed software to the customer as per specifications in the Contract which shall be in accordance to these Terms of Use.
The final Deliverables will be provided to the Customer subject to receiving full payment by JEDS Consultants for the final product as agreed in the Contract.
Unless it is explicitly specified, JEDS Consultants shall not be responsible for any other services such as installation of hardware and software, data transfer, import or conversion, systems integration or training.
JEDS Consultants under no circumstances shall be responsible for backup of any data that is used by the Software on the hardware or computer equipment that belongs to the Client or hosting supplier appointed by the client.

Use of Product

Upon making the final payment of due amount, the customer has the exclusive right to use the software provided by JEDS consultants for event management in accordance with its premeditated use.

Copyright and Protection

JEDS consultants' uses only licensed Event management software which are governed by the copyright laws in favor of the respective owners, within the permissible areas of use. Any type of misuse of the software after being delivered that will in any form infringe upon the copyright of the owners, will be totally the responsibility of the customer and may be subject to legal issues, of which JEDS consultants will not be held liable or responsible in any form.

Payment and Invoice

The pricing and the Payment Terms for the services are set forth and mutually agreed in the applicable Order Form duly signed by the client and JEDS consultants.

The client will be given an invoice, and all payments will be payable in full upfront within the time period agreed by both parties. This indicates that JEDS Consultants will begin working on the project of the Client only after receiving the full payment except as agreed otherwise in writing and duly signed and authorized by both parties.

The client will be granted full access to the software designed and customized by JEDS Consultants at the end of the time period that is set forth at the time of placement of order.


All projects are undertaken only after thorough understanding of the scope of work and its documentation that is agreed upon by both parties.
Since JEDS Consultants and the customer understand that a large amount of work is involved to achieve various milestones of the project, a cancellation policy is drafted with this perspective and both parties agree to this policy.
In case, a client wishes to cancel a projects, JEDS Consultants must be given a 30 day Notice prior to the final date of completion of project along with the genuine reasons of Cancellation.
JEDS Consultants holds the rights to verify the genuineness of these reasons and only after validation of these reasons, the Cancellation of Project will be accepted.
In case JEDS Consultants accepts the Cancellation, the amount for the work done will not be refunded. This indicates that the amount refunded will be decided by the mutual consent of both parties depending on the work completed. But in case, there is no tangible work completed, JEDS Consultants will refund 70% of the total amount paid by the Customer.
In the case of cancellation or termination of project within 48 hours of payment transaction, after verification of reasons of cancellation, JEDS Consultants will refund 90% of the total amount. This will be done only after reasons for cancellation are found valid.


JEDS Consultants will, at the time of delivery, demonstrate the working of the software, covering all aspects of client requirement to the satisfaction of the concerned authority. In case, there is some dissatisfaction due to substantial nonperformance, it will be brought to the notice of JEDS Consultants in writing after which JEDS will have a period of 30 days to rectify/modify the problem.
However, in no case does it indicate any termination of agreement or non-payments of dues by the client to JEDS Consultants or refund of amount paid to JEDS Consultants and these conditions will be governed by the Cancellation Policy.

Limited Warranty

Before signing the Agreement, the client will be shown the software programs available and the best suited for his needs.
The client acknowledges the understanding or the performance structure of the program and accepts responsibility for the selection of the program, its use and the results that are obtained there from.
It is responsibility of JEDS Consultants to design and customize the software to meet clients mutually agreed set of expectations.
However, JEDS Consultant makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied excluding the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Personal Information and Privacy Complaints

We value our Customer's privacy, under all circumstances, and all information shared by our clients is governed by our privacy policy which is incorporated by reference. If you have any privacy concerns, you can contact us at sales@jedsconsultants.com so that they can be addressed.


Personal testimonials of satisfied clients are displayed on our website along with other endorsements. Your name may also be posted along with the testimonial, with your consent. However, if you wish to modify, delete your testimonial/name you may contact us.


Both during this Agreement and also after its termination, the concerned parties - JEDS Consultants and the client shall treat as confidential any information, regardless of form, proprietary to or maintained in confidence by either party, including, without limitation, business, financial, technical, marketing and/or contractual information in whatever form embodied.
The concerned parties-JEDS Consultants and the client, shall promptly notify the other party, if there is any breach of confidence by either of the party then prior to termination it will give the other party sufficient time and assistance to take action against those responsible in breaking the trust and confidence.
It shall not prevent JEDS Consultants from exploiting any inventions or software that it develops during the term of this Agreement.

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